Twin Flame

“Your TwinFlame (TF) is your Divine complement, Your best friend and your Ultimate Lover. They share the same Soul blueprint as you and were created in exact same moment of creation. You are an aspect of source energy expressing itself into Divine Masculine and high quality fake rolex watch Divine Feminine. Though you may appear to be in different physical form , you are one at the Core. You and your TwinFlame make same Core choices which may or may not manifest into similar outer experience. So if you are currently experiencing separation, it is just a reflection of your inner reality where you are choosing elf bar cuba tobacco separation with your True Self. You can choose differently and create your own reality. Your TwinFlame Union is your right, Claim It! Your Union is real and possible, let no one tell you anything else. You Union manifest externally as you discover your True Self and come into Union within. Its a process and there is a way.

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